Master the Art of Under Painting: A Step-by-Step Guide Inspired by Mary Phillips

Master the Art of Under Painting: A Step-by-Step Guide Inspired by Mary Phillips

by Grace Reed on Oct 18, 2023

Hello, makeup enthusiasts! Today, we are diving into the latest and most intriguing makeup trend that has taken the beauty world by storm: under painting. This innovative technique, popularized by the renowned makeup artist Mary Phillips, has become a favorite among celebrities and makeup artists alike. Join us on this makeup journey as we unravel the secrets behind this trend and learn how to achieve a flawless under-painted look.

What is Under Painting?

Under painting is a revolutionary makeup technique that involves applying a contrasting color beneath your foundation. This method not only adds depth and dimension to your face but also creates a stunning, ethereal glow. Mary Phillips, the makeup artist to the stars, has mastered this technique and has beautifully showcased it on her celebrity clients.

Step 1: Prepare Your Canvas

Before diving into the world of under painting, it's crucial to prepare your skin. Start with a clean, moisturized face. Use a gentle cleanser to remove any impurities (we recommend Declare Gentle Powder Cleanser -  €31) , followed by a hydrating moisturizer to create a smooth base for your makeup. (we recommend Dermalogica Skin Smoothing Cream - €45)

Step 2: Color Theory and Product Selection

Under painting relies on the principles of color theory. We want to start with colour correcting any dark spots or redness.

- For Darkness: Peach or orange tones work well to hide dark circles
- For Redness: Green tones cancel out redness.
- For Dull Skin: Yellow colour correctors brighten dullness. 

(We recommend L.A. Girl Colour Correctors - €9.95)

Step 3: Apply the Under Painting

Using a makeup brush or your fingertips, apply the chosen color to specific areas of your face.

Apply a shade 2 times lighter than your skin colour under your eyes, on your forehead, bridge of your nose, chin and cupids bow.

Apply a dark/bronze shade under your cheekbones, around the edges of face, jaw line and directly under your lip-line.

 Blend the color gently, ensuring a smooth transition between the under painting and your natural skin tone.

(We recommend L.A. Girl Pro Sculpt Palette - €24.95 or J. Cat Beauty Masterclass FX Palette - €20)

Step 4: Foundation and Concealer

Once your under painting is seamlessly blended, apply your foundation as you normally would. Use a foundation brush or makeup sponge to achieve an even complexion. If needed, apply concealer to cover any blemishes, ensuring a flawless finish.

(We recommend Sculpted By Aimee Second Skin Foundation - €27)

Step 5: Set Your Makeup

To set your under painting and foundation in place, use a translucent setting powder. This will help your makeup last longer and prevent any unwanted shine.

(We recommend LMD Dusk to Dawn Loose Setting Powder - €22.50)

Step 6: Complete the Look

Finish your makeup look with your favorite products. Add a touch of blush to your cheeks, define your brows, apply eyeshadow, mascara, and your preferred lip color. The under painting will provide a beautiful, subtle glow that enhances the overall look.

Final Thoughts

Under painting, as demonstrated by the talented Mary Phillips, elevates your makeup game to a whole new level. With a basic understanding of color theory and the right products, you can achieve a radiant, sculpted complexion that is sure to turn heads. So, grab your makeup brushes and experiment with this exciting trend. Embrace your creativity and let your inner artist shine through!

We hope you enjoyed this step-by-step guide to under painting, inspired by the expertise of Mary Phillips. Remember, makeup is an art form, and there are no limits to what you can create. Happy painting!

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