Olaplex and why you need it...

Olaplex and why you need it...

by Lorraine Glover on May 09, 2020

Repairs and I mean repairs your hair!
The lowdown on why you need these home-care products in your haircare routine. 
Olaplex started originally as an in salon treatment. Where you get the professional steps 1 & 2.
So 1 can be added to your colour application or as a stand-alone product direct to your hair. When added to your colour i.e. bleach for highlights it prevents breakage and has really given hairdressers the ability to push boundaries in the art of hair colouring. 
Step 2 finishes this in salon treatment and is applied after rinsing but before shampooing. 
I highly recommend this treatment when colouring your hair. It gives the best results. Repairs bonds and makes your hair stronger. It does not give a cosmetic finish (i.e. shine) so it is important to follow up with the right products after your treatment and make sure you are using the right home-care products to get the best possible results. 
Using good home-care products, is like taking out insurance for your colour and we all know it’s not cheap to be going every few weeks to colour and cut so you need to be using amazing products to enhance your hair and make it easier to manage and style yourself at home.  
Step 3 is the first home-care product to come onto the market. It is a treatment you apply to the hair before you shampoo. You can apply overnight or for a minimum of 15 minutes. 
It rebuilds the bonds and structure of your hair. 
Follow that up with Steps 4 & 5 Olaplex Shampoo and Conditioner. A small amount goes a long way with these products. You will notice these products may not lather as much as your supermarket brands. These are concentrated products. You should shampoo your hair twice. On your first shampoo you may need to add extra water to get the best lather. Do not add more shampoo. Your second Shampoo will lather a lot quicker. Be sure to wash your scalp. This encourages healthy hair. Apply your conditioner, if you have an oily scalp apply from mid lengths to ends only. Comb through to the ends of your hair. 
Step 7. Seal and finish your hair with the Olaplex Oil. Only to the ends of your hair. Comb it through and blowdry into the ends of your hair. 
If you follow all these steps and use a good dryer and hair brush you will not need to add irons for any heated styling products to the hair. 
Olaplex is amazing for curly hair. It brings the hair back to its original state so curls bounce back to before they were before you straightened or chemically treated it. 
If you bleach your hair and you’re struggling to get your hair back to a healthy state, I promise you will not be sorry if you try this brand. I am speaking from experience and I’m super excited it’s now available on TRNDBTY!
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